8 Must-See Regions of Greece to Explore

Ready to Plan Your Trip to Greece? Be Sure to Visit These Regions

Greece is a breathtakingly beautiful country in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. The stunning views, gorgeous architecture, and comfortable climate make it an incredibly popular tourist destination year-round. Not to mention that it is filled with ancient history! Like ancient Rome in the nearby country of Italy or ancient Egypt across the Mediterranean Sea, Greece has one of the oldest and most famous histories of any country.

In America, the history of ancient Greece is taught in most schools, and the famous works of literature by Homer, including the Odyssey and the Iliad, are staple reading assignments in both high school and college curriculums. Not to mention that many famous films such as Clash of the TitansTroy, and Hercules are based on ancient Greek culture and mythology.

Not only that, but Greek food is a popular cuisine throughout the United States as well, with most Americans enjoying foods such as gyros, Greek salads, and moussaka. With Greek culture all around you, aren’t you finally ready to plan your trip to Greece? Well we have you covered! We are the Dandelion Journals and we specialize on small group trips for women traveling solo or with friends. In this article, we will discuss eight regions of Greece that you have to visit. Let’s get started!

Ionian Islands

View from on top of cliff looking down at the clear blue water of Petani Beach in Kefalonia, Ionian Islands, Greece.

The first stop on our itinerary for visiting Greece is the Ionian Islands! Located west of mainland Greece, the Ionian islands are most known for Corfu and Ithaca. Corfu is a lush green island and has influences from its Venetian, French and British rulers of the past. This is where you want to go for cultural heritage, music and art. Ithaca, though not a typical Greek vacation stop, is most famous for Homer’s Odyssey. You can see Ithaca and how it inspired Homer on a day trip via boat. 

Northern Mainland Greece

The northern mainland region of Greece is best known for historical and religious connections such as Thessaloniki and Mount Olympus. Thessaloniki is considered a cultural capital and is a popular destination on most Greek vacations where you can enjoy great seafood, beautiful coastlines, and historical experiences like the Byzantine Baths, see a statue of Alexander the Great, and dig into religious history. Mount Olympus is known as the home to the 12 Greek gods in mythology and is also home to beautiful flora and fauna throughout its hiking and trekking trails. 


Attica is the birthplace of western civilization and rich in history. This region is famous for its archaeological sites and monuments. This region is home to Athens, the capital of Greece, where you can access the Parthenon, Acropolis, Temple of Zeus, and many great museums. 


This region is most famous for Corinth and Olympia. Corinth has a rich history of being at the center of many political and religious battles. It was a Roman colony established by Caesar in 44 BC and is known to Christians because of Paul’s letters in the New Testament of the Bible. A trip to see the ancient city ruins is worth your time. Olympia, as you likely know, is home of the Olympic games which began in 776 BC. Olympia is home to the Temple of Zeus, the Temple of Apollo, and the Archaeological Museum. See where the original games took place and marvel at where the temples of the gods once stood.


The cluster of islands in the Saronic region are a picturesque image of Greece. Think no cars, island hopping by boat, private coves, and cobblestone pedestrian-only streets. Aegina is the most popular island in this region with its close proximity to Athens on the mainland. It is also home to the famous Aphaia Temple, one of three sites in the “holy triangle.” This site is part of an equilateral triangle formed with the Parthenon and the Temple of Poseidon. 


Aerial view of a colorful waterfront street in Mykonos Greece

The Cyclades region is one of the more popular regions for vacationers as this is home to Santorini and Mykonos. But don’t limit yourself to just these well-known islands. There are 33 different islands in this region. Mykonos is known for its luxury holiday experience with both a bustling cosmopolitan city life as well as its breathtaking views of the coast. Santorini has a bit of everything including excellent gastronomy experiences, the famous white buildings with blue rooftops that are the perfect backdrop to unforgettable sunsets, and an active volcano. 


Crete is Greece’s largest island and has a bit of everything for the traveler, making it one of the best places to visit. In Greece. On this island, you can see ancient archaeological sites, enjoy perfect sandy beaches, and hike through steep gorges. Two of the most popular towns to visit include Chania, the capital town closest to the Samaria Gorge and Heraklion that is home to the Koules Fortress.


The Dodecanese islands are the southeastern set of Greek islands. The more popular places to visit in the region include Rhodes, a popular cruise stop for its beaches and gastronomy. Those looking for that perfect Instagram photo will want to include Symi in their travels. This island is known for how its village has such traditional architecture of two-and three-story stone houses.

Want to Learn More About the Places to Visit in Greece?

All eight of these regions of Greece are incredible places to visit. What kind of Greek experience are you seeking? Do you have visions of that perfect photo with the white buildings with blue rooftops in Santorini? Do you want to see ancient cities and ruins like Athens? Whatever it is that you envision, we’d love to help you plan your trip to Greece in 2024.

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